About the authors

Pavlina Dimitrova Kozarova

Pavlina has 20+ years of experience in the fields of business development and project management in international and Bulgarian companies. Popular blogger and co-author of printed and digital books:  „Foundations of the successful business, Now and here“, „Blogopedia“, „100 Bulgarian marketing tales“,  „101 marketing tales“. At the moment Pavlina runs consultancy in business management and innovation management with Primavera 88. Yes, and she is also a painter – beginner but with nice ideas for the future 🙂



Dimitar Nikolov

Dimitar is expert in business development and digital marketing, with experience in the IT industry.  Serial entrepreneur and motivational lecturer. One of the first Bulgarian bloggers with the legendary Креативен. Part of the success of the innovative online technology media SmartNews. Сo-author of the digital books „Blogopedia“, „100 Bulgarian marketing tales“,  „101 marketing tales“.