New life for Marketing Burkan

In December this business blog will make 10 years since its start. It has gone through different periods.

In the first years, we wrote and published posts almost every day and the blog enjoyed high interest.

Many people commented on our posts, contacted us, sought our advice or help.

Many students of marketing and young marketing specialists were our fans. Among the commentators and the authors of the blog are popular and reputable professionals. With some of them we became friends and tried to initiate common projects or work together.

Some of the blog visitors and its followers we never met.

I’ve been thinking in the last few days whether the business blogging is already out of date and does it make sense to further keep this blog active.

Since all posts in this blog reflect the personal experience and ideas of their authors and knowing the high interest with which these posts have been read and commented on for many years, I think it makes sense for the blog to stay alive.

Moreover, it has always saddened me to visit blogs where no one has written anything for months. These blogs look like old houses where life has bubbled and laughter and voices have been heard, but that have been abandoned forever. I wouldn’t want our blog to become such a sad place.

With hope that our work and ideas could be useful not only to our Bulgarian readers, but also to other students and beginners in marketing, I will make one more attempt to continue its life for another year. How?

The next 12 months, starting from today, I will translate and publish some of the old blog posts that I still find relevant and useful.

Let’s wish success and new readers of the blog not only in Bulgaria!


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