Am I good enough to be a marketer?

For more than 20 years I have been involved in marketing and all this time I continue asking myself what kind of person should be the marketer to be successful? Let’s seek for the truth together…

Good marketers are innovators

To introduce and enforce a new product or service on the market, you need to be different. How else are people going to notice you?

To be able to successfully market well known brands, you need to be even more creative. The hardest thing is paying attention to something one meet and hear about every day. Have you noticed how much the commercials of the old beers or detergents look alike? Have you noticed how much alike are the advertising materials of competing companies?

It is easy to say „Marketers need to think differently“ but it is extremely difficult to achieve that. It is the same as with the artists – I do not know anyone great who did not make many copies of the Old Masters. And after many years, his or her true style becomes noticeable.

To do something new and distinctive as marketer, you need to know a lot of things – the marketing theory, everything about the market you’re working in, the competitors of your products and services, what the big marketers have made, what the biggest are doing right now…

This is huge luggage, but without you take it into your hands yourself, it will be very difficult for you to achieve something noticeable.

Good marketers are communicators

The successful product is a result of many people’s knowledge and efforts – the owners and managers of the company, the people responsible for the product design and development, the marketing team, the advertising agency you work with…

All these people are sometimes frustratingly different.

The management wants the product to be introduced very quickly, and as always, they don’t have enough time to explain to you its vision. However, when you are ready with the first version of the product prototype, your ideas for the promotional campaign are formulated, the advertising materials are designed, etc., the most common assessment you hear is „it’s not the same as we wanted to.“ The design and product development team is usually so busy and pressed by technical issues and deadlines, that there is no opportunity to pay attention to the marketer. Just watch you finish the conversation faster and shake their heads positively without actually listening to you. Advertising professionals are always desperate for your stupid ideas about the new campaign… Is that familiar to you?

Someone scolds you, another doesn’t have time or is sulking. And you are the main communicator of this community who is responsible for the success of the whole endeavour. Introverts can’t be marketing specialists. It’s nice not to be too emotional. Do not take the interpersonal difference too deeply, it will only harm you. And if you have time – read something about communication and conflict management, that would be very helpful.

Good marketers are patient like donkeys

Why am I telling you this at all?

Although I am a workaholic by my nature, even I haven’t imagined how much effort a single marketing project required. Not only a mind engagement, but also a physical resistance. Remember how many options have you rejected to get to a temporary solution that seems inappropriate in the morning? How many times have you get despaired and had to rework all the things over and over again?

Buy yourself a donkey patience to become a marketer.

If you can invent something new in the huge and saturated marketing space, if you can do it together with a bunch of very different people (on purpose I’m not using the word „team“), if you are stubborn like a donkey, welcome to the marketers’ community.


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