How to use customer profile?

All marketing people know how to prepare and often use company profile. Rarely, however, they make a profile of their clients.

Customer profile can help marketers to find out the right way to their customer heart.

What information do you need to make a good customer profile?

1.Typical characteristics of the customer organisation are:

  • Geography – global, international, regional, national or local market
  • The industry in which the organisation works
  • The organisational structure of the customers – hierarchical, linear, mixed
  • Is that a service company, manufacturer or project-oriented business?
  • What kind of production process does it has – continuous / discrete production,
  • The size of the company…
  • If the clients are individuals – their age, basic occupation, interests, preferences…

2. Who makes decision-to-buy?

You need to establish connection with the right managers whitn the company at the right level

3. Who is motivated to use the product or service that you offer?

For example, if you sell corporate training, an underused motivation is the individual interest of employees to improve their qualification and to move to a higher career level.

Most marketers would highlight the corporate benefits of learning. This really gives arguments for decision-to-buy, but the management should have enough information about the training, and you have to take into account who would submit your offer to the management and what is the specific individual interest to participate in the training offered by the company for whom you work for…

4.When do customers buy similar products or services?

It is easy to understand this if you sell goods with a seasonal nature. Very often there is a hidden periodicity of buying, for example:

State organisations make the biggest purchases in the last quarter and at the beginning of the year there are almost no tender options.

At different time of the years plan companies in Bulgaria their purchase budgets compared to companies with US property.

This may also depend on the development phase of the company – it is unlikely that a company with a turnover of less than million BGN and personnel under 50 people will decide to implement a management information system or to seek a consultant in human resources management

5.Where do clients look for information about the products and services they care about?

6. How is the sale made?

By direct negotiation, tender, via internet, in store, from catalogue…

You may use the customer profile to

1. Define your target group

The more specific and interested to buy is your target group, the less effort and resources you will put into marketing and the more successful your marketing campaigns will be.

2. Select proper marketing tactics

What you know for your clients will give you a hint of the correct marketing actions, as well as will help you to find the right balance between online marketing, direct marketing, partnerships and cross-selling…

3. Find relevant marketing messages

4. Determine the correct channels of communication with the target group


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