Why don’t you get the desired marketing results?

If you are unable to realise your marketing plans to the desired extent, and  the results of the marketing team are not good enough, ask yourself „Why?“

I hope what I have discovered for myself will also be useful in your difficult hours of analysis.

Negative thinking

Negative thinking is a huge obstacle to achieving good results. If in the beginning of the road you doubt that you will reach the target and are constantly looking for the calf under the ox, surely something will go wrong. Maybe by the law of Attraction, who can say?

A big problem is if you have a negative person in the marketing team, and especially if the negative thinker is ahead of your team.

Lack of established business process

If there are blurred responsibilities in the company, if there are not clear business processes, and each time you need to start from the scratch, and this happens continuously, it is difficult to achieve high results in any department, including in marketing and sales.

You also can’t expect good marketing results if the company has not done well it’s homework, and you don’t have a well-structured portfolio, product descriptions, a list of the benefits of products and services, comparisons with competing products…

Difficulties to deliver best quality

Often the managers of the Bulgarian private companies are their owners. Most of them are specialists in the industry, where the company works, and do not have business education.

Although in the years of the market economy they have gained practical experience in business management, they are still addicted to the technology and to the production process and believe that their company and products are great.

Analysis of the delivered quality and value of the products and services is rarely made. Often, serious attention is not paid to the competition, nor to the objections of the customers.

New production technologies in most of the industries are entering slowly. Innovations and patents are not enough.

Still, there are Bulgarian companies that have difficulties to deliver highly competitive products of best quality compared to the big international brands, although there are many companies that have ISO-based quality management systems and are well established on the national market.


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