Your company profile is your business card

Many people think that writing a company profile is an easy thing to do. I also thought that way until I accepted to write company profile of companies that I had not worked before that.

Yes, we are talking about the same very simple thing – a basic document of 1-2 pages. Our ambassador in the big world.

For whom are you preparing  your company profile?

Your company profile is your face in the big world, it is your business card aimed for your target audience:

  • The target group for which the company profile is intended includes the traditional potential participants in the business – partners and clients. Reaching them, the company profile should contain information that will present you as a company with a good customer base, development perspective and stable business results. While partners are more interested in results and perspective, customers are more interested in products and quality.
  • The environment in which the company works, however, is a much broader concept and it includes all the organisations with which the company corresponds on various occasions or discusses business opportunities – tax administration, bank employees, evaluators of your conceptual projects, ISO auditors… The usual business environment includes all stakeholders interested in the status and in the development prospective of your company.
  • Don’t forget the potential new employees of the company – they read your profile with the eyes of newcomer. They care about the team, the opportunities for career growth and training, the management style…

What to include into your company profile and how to write it?

The next few things are very important for the efficient company profile:

Mission of the company

3-4 sentences in which you need to explain to the world what you are selling , on which market and for what customers. This is the first thing the reader learns about you.

Imagine your loved one is acquainting you with someone – in a few words, he or she communicates something important and interesting about you as an individual, something you are unique with.

The same is the mission of the company it should generate an interest in your business.

A brief history of the company

It is nice to mention at least when the company is founded. If the company has a long history, a few key years can be traced in its development – when it has come into new markets, when it has released new products, when it has significantly grown. But don’t get into much details.

Capital structure

Who owns your company is an essential fact for the world, especially for potential partners and new customers. If you have a foreign shareholder with a good reputation who is recognised on the market, this adds value in the eyes of new potential counterparts.

Short info about the managers

Very important and very underestimated issue 😊

In over 60% of the profiles of Bulgarian companies that I have seen, such information is missing. This anonymity makes a person think that this is either a „fictional“ company or is managed by people who have no experience in management.

Over 80% of new foreign partners or customers I have talked to, want to know about the background of the company and the personal history of its managers. This builds trust.

Business results

We, Bulgarians, are so modest in communicating the turnover data (not mentioning our profit) that one has the impression you hold a charitable society…

The other extreme is our ingenuity and the habit to communicate different information to different players in the business world, so then we get entangled in the data as well.

Either way, you’re not going to present yourself into a good light.

Company values

What if there are none?

Are you an innovative company or do you care more about tradition? Do you invest in the knowledge of your employees? What do you value more – the hierarchy and collective achievements, or the leaders and individual qualities? Values are a prerequisite for long company life and for sustainable development.

If you have not thought about such things, it is time to do so.

By communicating your values to the world, you increase the chance to find out good partners and customers that you will work well with !

Company policy

This is the reflection of your values in your real company life.

If you have a value communicated with your people and agreed upon, details of your policy should be present into your company profile. Otherwise, you look frivolous.

If you only have policy in your profile, you risk making an impression that you are workaholic who don’t have time to think about the directions and the future.

What policies we are talking about? Most often in the company profiles of Bulgarian firms we find our information about quality policy, but nowadays people expect to find information on other policies, too – about partnerships, innovation, employees, environment…


Who are your business partners? What companies do you represent in the country? Who are your distributors, resellers? What branch structures and associations does your company belong to?

This speaks for both your activity and the quality of your products and services, and your business image. And it’s more important than we tend to think.

Clients and projects

There is no need to have a list of over 200-300 customers. This works boring and nobody reads it.

Include your most important projects and your most valued customers and publish a short list of customers or important projects on your company site.

Products and services

Surely you need to write what you offer and what is unique about your products and services. How much value they would have for your customers.

If you have a broad portfolio, you need a portfolio philosophy, a comprehensible structure of it – to orient potential customers why you have exactly these products and what logic of choice you offer them…

Otherwise, they will get an impression of a company that has just accepted various projects or has made a random transaction to exist.

Team of the company

Again this is very underestimated information in Bulgaria, and not only.

Why is it so complicated to give information about the number of employees, their knowledge and valuable qualities, their names (GDPR recommended, in any case)? Are we afraid of being left or that someone will steal our employees?

Lack of such information in the company portfolio does not eliminate such a danger.

Address and contact details

Please, do not forget to put them and also the web address of the company.

Following these simple rules, surely your business profile will be useful and understandable.


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