X years later.

Today we celebrate X years from the launch of our blog. It is unbelievable how time is passing by.

How the time changed me?

Looking in the mirror, I see the same person, still smiling, a little bit naive and still a great believer. I still believe that the world could be a nicer place to live if we give more love each to other in our life.

My change? I found during this time that we could be happier if we believe more in our uniqueness, if we develop more consequently our talents and if we love ourselves the same way we adore our loved ones.

How I changed the time?

I have always tried to give my best in all my working endeavours and to understand in all possible ways the people I met during this time. Although it was not always beneficial for me personally.

Not all of my projects finished the way they have been designed at the beginning but the fact that I was not afraid to start new projects was my trail in time. How we could make a change staying always at the same place?

Not all people that I met during this time were the right people for me but I gave them all my sincerity and trust. Hopefully having me in their life was part of their personal reasons to change themselves for better.

Happy 10th birthday, Marketing Burkan!




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