Blogopedia. Once upon a time. was a common project of 12 Bulgarian bloggers, who were read and followed with a high interest some 8 years ago. It was a helpful reading aiming to explain why all we have decided to became bloggers, and why we were writing in our blogs almost everyday without any substantial return more for enthusiasm. We also hoped that with our knowledge and advises we could help others that want start blogging as well.

At that time I worked for a software company as a marketing manager and I maintained this blog with great passion and love.

I felt somehow lonely in my efforts in marketing working there. I tried to find out more opportunities to work with pleasure and benefits for the others. That’s why I was so much focused on blogging. I dreamed to have friends with whom to share my ideas and thoughts.

I decided to join the project because I felt these guys are my friends in soul. They felt the world, the life and the people in a way so much similar to mine. I still feel almost all of them as my best friends and colleagues in blogging if I may use this word.

Blogopedia is an e-book which was read by many in Bulgaria, and was a preferred reading for the young people. It is still available for free.

You can download this book from the web site


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